Manufacturer of High Precision Parts and Components for OEMs

ATZ Advantage

  • One Resource for Precision Machining, Heat Treated, Special Coated, Cast Iron Castings, Steel, Aluminum Parts and Bar Stock Products.
  • Get Allocated Resources, Men, Machines and Foundry, Specially for you and feel like your extended arm of your own production facility.
  • Build Special Purpose Machine, Tools & Process Automation for High Precision, High volume Parts. Special Tools to Increase Production Efficiency.
  • We offer Flexible Batch Quantities; from Single Part Prototype Manufacturing, to the batch quantity that suits customer’s requirement.
  • 24 X 7 Customer Support - Technical, Commercial and logistics Assistance.


  • Precision Machining
  • Casting and Forgings
  • Cast Iron Casting
  • Aluminum Die Casting
  • Bar Stock Brass Parts
  • Casting Prototype
  • Sheet Metal Prototype
  • Special Purpose Machinery
  • Multi head drilling machine
  • Antique Cast Iron Grills    

Our Manufacturing Facilities

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are based in India. We handle all major engineering processes that include Cast Iron Castings, Aluminum Die castings, CNC Precision Machining, Welding and sheet metal fabrication. Our In-house tool room takes cares tooling needs of entire group and make sure on time development of products. We use process specialist vendors for special process like coating, metal finishing and heat treatment. 

The Iron Casting Foundry and Pressure Die-Casting Unit

Iron Casting Foundry makes Grey Iron Casting Foundry Components and ductile iron for Pump Industry

Cast Iron Foundry

Established in 2010, Manufacturer of Cast Iron Castings and SG Iron [ Ductile Iron ] Castings, with capacity of 350 tons per month, Located in Coimbatore, India. With More than 25 years experiences in Cast Iron casting foundry industries, we become one of the important Cast Iron Casting Parts, components and Products suppliers and manufacturers in Coimbatore, India.

Precision Machined Aluminum Pressure Die-Cast Parts and component Manufacturer with special coatings

Die-Casting Foundry

Our aluminum foundry is well equipped with Aluminum Pressure die Casting facility, Gravity Die Casting infrastructures. The facility is ISO 9001:2015 Quality management system certified. We are having 2 electrical melting cum Holding furnaces with total melting capacity of 100 tones per month. We have 400 ton and 180 ton Pressure die Casting machines. 

High Precision Machining and Fabrication

Ultra Precision components for Aerospace. Machined Iron Casting, Die-Cast and Bar stock components

Machine Shop

The CNC Machine Shop Established in 2001 as a Job Shop in Coimbatore, India, to catering the need of CNC Precision machining for Engineering Industry and cast iron castings foundry with CNC Machining as Service, Contract Manufacturing as service, Custom Part and Product Manufacturing, and Design service in 3D CAD CAM Software with competitive pricing and faster turnaround.  

Tig, Mig and Circular welded parts and sheet metal fabrication parts for submersible pumps in SS 304


Established in 2009, Manufacturer and exporter of high precision machining fabricated parts and components. We are dealing with wide range of components which are build in different material and process. We offer Sheet Metal Components such as Light Engineering Assembly Components, Metal Defense Components, Sheet Metal Railway Components, Foundry components, Light Engineering Products 

Ultra Precision Machining for Ductile Iron Casting Manufacturers and Ductile Iron Casting Companies
Precision Machined, Special Coated Parts of Aluminum Die-Casting for aerospace and irrigation CANADA
Ductile Iron Casting Suppliers for Pump and Valve Industry. Centrifugal Casting Supplier for UK USA
Tool room and Prototype Manufacturer for various industry and doing Engineering Prototype Services
Fabrication shop for Sheet metal pump components and parts in various grade like SS 304 and SS 316
We build and test Prototype machines and special purpose machine to improve production capability

The Unique Advantage

Low cost casting supplier in India with flexible batch quantity in various grade like CI and SG cast

Allocated Resources, Flexible Batch Quantity

Our Team of Engineers, interact and understand customer need and  design the  process  execution,  which  includes assigning  dedicated resources like Men, Machines to facilitate production and achieve customer satisfaction.  For Low batch quantities, we have a separate team of engineers, they will work with Foundry to have the production done, for Machining we have a special unit for low batch quantities.   

We do Engineering Prototype design and manufacturing and low cost prototyping in India for USA, UK

SPMs, Production Automation

Since ATZ understands the importance of Automation, we formed a separate team to design and automate the production. Our current focus is on Precision Machining Automation strategies and building SPMs for the high volume products, and automate the existing process by enhancing Jigs and fixture and some simple automation like pick and place robotics.  ATZ take care the important aspect that the cost of automation should not increase the cost of the product, but enhance quality and delivery.

our goal is to be low cost foundry in India  for the customers from USA, UK and Canada for Pump mfrs

Product Specific Strategies

The product specific strategies that includes, but not limited to automation of process, semi automation of process and special purpose machinery for precision machining. Our Local Industry Knowledge helps us to explore the option of outsourcing a part of process or even whole parts from Micro and Small Scale specialized industry, like cast iron castings foundry to cut down the costs and our team of expert engineers will extract the quality of the product from the supplier. 

Cast Iron Components, Die-Cast Parts and Bart Stock Items

Parts We Manufacture : Manifolds, Brackets, Pulleys, Gear Casings, Valves, Flywheel Housings, Bearing Housing, All Construction Equipment Parts, HCV, Agriculture / Tractor Parts, Engine Parts, Valves, Major component name like engine parts, pump casting, valve body, in general all Cast Iron Castings foundry parts.